Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency
Programs & Services

Description of Institute of Living Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department Programs


  • Child and Adolescent Outpatient Clinic (Braceland)
  • Fellows’ Psychopharmacological and Therapy Clinic (Braceland)
    • Specializing in complex medication management
    • Therapies offered include play therapy, supportive, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic informed
  • Complex Medical and Neurodevelopmental Child & Adolescent Clinic (Gengras)
  • Connecticut Children’s Behavioral Health Transitions Clinic (Connecticut Children’s clinic - designed to see patients who went to the emergency room and are in need of immediate medication and/or therapy support)
  • Autism Consultation Service (Braceland)

Day Treatment Programs

Child & Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (Braceland)

Grace Webb School – therapeutic school for grades K-12 (Braceland)

Anxiety Disorder Center (Stearns)

  • Offering diagnostic assessment, individual and group CBT for youth and adults.

Interventional Psychiatry (Donnelly)

  • IV Ketamine
  • TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • ECT – Electroconvulsive Therapy


Inpatient (Donnelly)

  • Child and Adolescent Rapid Stabilization Unit - Three Day Short Term Rapid Stabilization Unit (6-17yo)- 6 patients
  • Adolescent Inpatient unit - 14 patients
  • Child Inpatient Unit - 9 patients

Connecticut Children’s

  • Connecticut Children’s Psychiatric Emergency Room (highly preferred hospital for psychiatric emergency evaluations staffed by IOL Child Psychiatrists)
  • CL service (very active service seeing a variety of diagnostic questions, staffed by IOL Child Psychiatrists in addition to psychologists)
    • Delirium pathway
    • Eating Disorder pathway
    • Somatic Symptom Related Disorders pathway
    • Agitation pathway
    • Substance/Detox pathway
    • Suicide Assessment protocol

Access Mental Health

  • Child psychiatry phone consultation service to Connecticut pediatricians, advising on medication and therapeutic services for their primary care patients with mental health issues.