Adult Psychiatry Residency

The Institute of Living is one of the country's leading mental health centers.

It was the first hospital of any kind in Connecticut and the third mental health facility to be opened in the United States.

The Institute is a psychiatric landmark, a place where Moral Treatment was refined and enhanced and where leading-edge psychiatric research is conducted today. It is part of a nationally recognized medical complex anchored by Hartford Hospital, the second-largest hospital in our state.

The choice of a psychiatric residency program can profoundly affect the personal and professional life of a physician-in-training. You are about to make one of the most important decisions of you professional life. We encourage all individual seeking a psychiatric residency of the highest quality to explore the Adult Psychiatric Residency Program at the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital.

Adrienne Bentman, M.D.
Director Residency Training
Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital