Autism and Functional Mapping Laboratory

The Autism and Functional Mapping Laboratory (AM-FM) at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center studies the neural network architecture of social-emotional processes, including social cognition and emotion regulation, associated with psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

AM-FM Lab Director

Dr. Michal Assaf

Yale Department of Psychiatry,
Associate Professor (Adjunct),
Yale University School of Medicine

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Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects over 1% of the population yet our understanding of it and individuals affected by ASD remains complex. The heterogeneity seen in ASD proves diagnosing, treating, and predicting outcomes of ASD to be elusive. The goal of ABIDE is to aggregate brain imaging data from laboratories internationally to study ASD in order to better understand its complexities. 

The AMFM lab is a collaborator in the consortium for our current and previous research projects. With the permission of our participants we are able to add to the growing knowledge of ASD in the hopes of making new scientific discoveries to improve our understanding of ASD.

Our Staff

Christopher Hyatt

Research Scientist I
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Lavinia Uscatescu

Post Doctoral Associate
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Gaganjot Bedi

Clinical Research Assistant
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Jillian Bauknecht

Clinical Research Assistant I
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Former Research Staff

Olivia Grella

Research Assistant II

Alycia Nicholson

Research Assistant II

Oishani Basuchoudhary

Research Assistant I

Stephanie Lewis

Research Assistant I

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