MRI & Manufacturing Equipment

MRI Equipment

  • Research-dedicated 3T Siemens Skyra MRI scanner
    • Whole-body scanner
    • 32-channel head coil
    • Wide-bore allowing imaging of high-BMI and claustrophobic patients
    • 1080p HD video presentation
    Additional MRI equipment
    • Custom audio/visual presentation
    • Fiber-optic Response Boxes
    • Physiological Monitoring Devices
    • Paradigm Presentation Computers
    • Online Behavioral Monitoring
    • MRI Simulator

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Makerbot 3D Printer

EEG Laboratory Resources

The Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory is contained within 2000sqft of space within the Whitehall building. Twin 64-channel high-resolution EEG acquisition systems are available for psychophysiological research. Each acquisition system is comprised of a three computer array dedicated for stimulus presentation, behavioral monitoring, and signal acquisition, respectively. Precise presentation of simple and complex multimodal stimuli is accomplished with a custom Visual and Auditory Presentation Package (VAPP) specifically designed for use in research settings. Monitoring of participants' behavioral data is performed to assess reaction time and accuracy online using a Code Integration and Response Computer (CIRC). The signal acquisition for EEG and other psychophysiological signals (i.e., heart rate) are recorded with Digitize, a custom program for high-resolution data collection. The Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory uses custom designed SA Instrumentation bioelectric amplifiers. All data is collected within custom electrically shielded and sound dampened recording booths. A suite of software tools are available for quantitative EEG and event-related potential (ERP) computation, measurement, and analyses. A cluster of Sun workstations are used for analyses of all EEG and psychophysiological data. Support for exporting data to commercial EEG/ERP software for analyses is available.

  • Neuroscan EEG recording system

  • Eyelink eye-tracking system

Software and Computing Resources

Software Resources

Open-source Software

Presentation Software

  • Visual and Auditory Presentation Package (VAPP)
  • Code Integration and Response Computer (CIRC)
  • E-Prime
  • Superlab

Analysis Tools for NeuroImaging

Computer Resources

Olin computing resources currently has 496 cores available for computing, with 801TB of disk storage for analyzed data. An additional 50TB of storage space is available for raw, unprocessed data. The centralized raw data storage system (NiDB) currently stores 328,800 series of imaging data from 38,300 unique research participants.

Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center