Autism Research

Title: Neural Architecture of Social Emotional Processing and Regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Dynamic Connectivity Perspective

This study explores how connections between the social and emotional parts of the brain change over time in people with and without autism.

We hope that understanding social and emotional processes in a diverse group of people will increase societal opportunities for all. We believe that our work will create a better and more inclusive culture.
This study involves 10-12 hours of total participation time, split between 3-4 sessions. You will be compensated up to $250 depending on how much of the study you complete. Two of your sessions need to be in-person, but the rest can be conducted via Zoom. We are flexible with timing and will do our best to accommodate your schedule; we do have some availability during evenings and weekends. For your in-person appointments, we are happy to provide transportation (Uber) if necessary, and we can offer you free lunch from our campus cafeteria during weekday afternoons.
During the study, we will conduct 1-2 life history interviews with you. We will also ask you to complete a series of cognitive tasks and questionnaires that assess a wide range of demographics and personality traits. At your in-person sessions, we will administer 1-2 non-invasive fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans. This type of imaging utilizes the natural magnetic signature of the iron in your blood to visualize the anatomy/activity of your brain. The process does not involve any X-rays or radiation.
Our study is funded by the National Institutes of Health, but we are located at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center in Hartford Hospital. If you’d like to speak to study staff, please feel free to contact one of our research assistants (information to the right).

If you’re interested, fill out this secure survey. Study staff will contact you if you are eligible.

Am I Eligible to Participate?

a.    You may be eligible to participate if

i.   You are on the autism spectrum (including previous diagnoses of Asperger’s and

ii.   Are fluent in English

iii.   Are between the ages of 18-40

b.    To see if you qualify, please complete this online screening questionnaire. A staff
member will contact you if you qualify. All information is kept secure and used only for
research purposes

Will I be Compensated for this Study?

a.   You will be compensated up to $250 dollars, depending on how much of the study you complete.

How Can I get to the Olin Center?

a.   Study staff will provide directions to all those who are driving themselves to an inperson visit. Directions are also available in the top right section of this webpage.

b.   We can provide transportation (Uber) upon request.

c.   Additionally, we are happy to offer free lunch at the Olin Center’s cafeteria for any participants who are here during weekday afternoons.

Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center