Cognitive Rehabilitation Services Lab

The Cognitive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center is a clinical service that provides billable psychotherapies and assessments to various psychosis programs throughout BHN.

In addition to treatment services, CRS also collects treatment outcome and patient recovery data for IOP psychosis programs.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Lab Director

Dr. Jimmy Choi

He directs the cognitive rehabilitation service for adolescents and adults with psychosis and older adults with dementia throughout the BHN. He is also a staff neuropsychologist at the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program (SRP). Prior to the ONRC, he was on the faculty at Columbia and Yale Universities and a neuropsychologist at the VA Connecticut Health Care System and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He recently completed studies funded by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs on psychosocial treatments to improve the quality of life in early dementia.

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Our Staff



 In collaboration with Dr. Dana Shagan and the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program (SRP), we are developing decisional informatics treatment algorithms to personalize psychosocial rehabilitation (NIMH).
In collaboration with the Kimesha Morris at the Family Resource Center, SRP, and the POTENTIAL Outpatient Clinic, we are one of 16 sites studying the long-term effects of social skills training and cognitive enhancement therapy (PCORI, PIs: Keshavan and Schutt).
In collaboration with Prof. Matthew Kurtz at Wesleyan University, we are studying the combination of compensatory cognitive skills training and online cognitive training (NIMH R15, PI: Kurtz)

Adolescents with Psychosis

 In collaboration with the Patty Graham, LCSW, Jennifer Zajac, MD, and their Advanced Services for Adolescents with Psychosis program (ASAP), we are studying neurofeedback cognitive training to improve processing speed and social functioning (NIMH).
We are studying machine learning in suicide prediction and prevention in psychosis.

Digital Technology

 In collaboration with Dr. Beth Taylor, Director of Exercise Physiology at Hartford Hospital, SRP, and Grace Webb CREST, we are studying the synergistic benefits of physical and cognitive exercise through exergaming.
In collaboration with Dr. Robert Dicks, Chief of Geriatric Medicine at Hartford Hospital, we are studying digital health assessment in older adults.

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