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Psychiatry Residents 2018-19Welcome!

Dear Prospective Candidates,

Welcome to the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital Adult Psychiatry Residency Program, or as we usually simply call it, IOL.

The Institute of Living is located on 35 beautiful acres designed by renowned landscape architect, Fredrick Law Olmstead. The rich heritage of the IOL can be traced back to 1822, when it began as one of the earliest psychiatric institutions in the country and the first hospital of any kind in the state of Connecticut. The Institute has been on the forefront of advances in psychiatric care since its inception. From being an early proponent of the moral treatment approach, it has also been a test-site for some of the first trials of revolutionary medications such as Lithium. Currently, the IOL offers to patients and practitioners a broad menu of treatment options including a variety of psychotherapy modalities (including psychodymanic, CBT and DBT) and biologic treatment approaches (including advanced pharmacotherapy approaches, active new medication trials, TMS, and ECT).

The Institute of Living Psychiatry Residency epitomizes excellence in teaching and provision of superb psychiatric care whilst respecting the individual, personal lives of its residents. This philosophy extends to some unique features of our program including: readily accessible and approachable mentors and supervisors, truly protected didactic time, an active residency council and strong commitment within the program to have residents' voices take part in shaping the residency experience, daily interaction with in-house teaching attendings, a psychopathologically diverse caseload chosen from a large pool of patients, supportive teaching supervision on call (in-house back up and buddy call system), and a non-sleep deprivation call schedule (call ends firmly at 9:45pm; Fridays and Saturdays are the only overnight calls per month for second years during psychiatry rotations- no overnight psychiatry calls or shifts for first years). We are fortunate to train in an intimate learning environment with attending physicians and psychologists who are as dedicated to the residents, our education, and an authentic development of our unique career paths as they are to providing simultaneously-compassionate and cutting-edge care. Our close proximity and ties with Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children's Medical Center create an atmosphere of mutual respect between psychiatry and other medical specialties, making interacting with other disciplines easy and fruitful (no time-consuming long commutes for rotations). We also co-inhabit the IOL with a Psychology Residency Training Program which results in ample educational cross-pollination between our fields.

In addition, just as we individualize care for our patients, our educational experience can also be individualized to each of our particular interests while maintaining adherence to the overall requirements inherent in a residency program. While the overarching framework of our education is based in a truly comprehensive and integrated concept of the mind in all of its structural and functional complexities, we are grounded in psychodynamic principles including bimonthly resident groups, weekly meetings to process patient interactions, formal supervision within rotations to explore and manage transferential experiences, and impromptu discussions with other residents and faculty as interesting issues arise. We also receive impeccable, nuanced education in psychopharmacology, neurobiology, ECT, and supportive modalities. The IOL houses inpatient units, outpatient practices, partial hospitalization programs, and our own special needs school (Grace Webb K-12), which altogether span all patient populations and diagnoses. There are specialty clinics which address memory disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia rehabilitation, addiction recovery, and eating disorders amongst others. We are encouraged to explore and become involved in areas of our interests including research opportunities available in Neurophysiology through the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center (cutting edge fMRI studies), Psychopharmacology and clinical trials of new medications, and Clinical Genetics to name a few. This creates fertile ground for any trainee to either strengthen current aspirations or to open one's mind to the possibilities that the field of psychiatry can offer.

While the residents reflect a mix of American MD's, DO's, IMG's, ethnicities, ages, and life experiences, there are a few things that we all have in common. We are intellectually curious without being competitive, we believe in empathetic and informed patient care, and we believe that a key to being a good care provider to our patients is taking good care of ourselves and each other. Being a small program (6 residents per class) allows for a supportive and cohesive environment with each resident feeling acknowledged and heard. On the lighter side, we have many organized and impromptu gatherings throughout the year, from a welcome picnic and a holiday party to simply going out for dinner after a late afternoon class.

Hartford is a great small city, offering the creature comforts of city life like theater, art, concerts, and fine dining. Being a hub for education also lends a college town feel to the area while offering great schools for discerning families with children. Simultaneously, Connecticut is perfect for the outdoor lover with both ski slopes and beaches an easy day trip away. If you're more the urban sort, Boston and New York City are only a 1.5-2.5 hours away by car. And when it comes time to take one of your four weeks of vacation or conference time, Bradley International Airport is only 20 minutes away to carry you anywhere in the world.

Choosing the right residency can be a difficult task as you decide on your areas of interest and tease out the details that are important to you in a program. We hope that we have given you an idea of what living and working with us would be like here at the lOL. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We hope that whether it is here with us or at another program, that you find a good fit for you and have happiness and success in this exciting and rewarding field.

Katharine N. Woods, D.O.
President, Resident Council

Carolyn McIlree, M.D.
Vice-President, Resident Council

Psychiatry Residents 2018-19