Clinical Psychology Training Program

The Psychology Department offers pre-doctoral (Internship) and postdoctoral Residency training in adult and child/adolescent clinical psychology. The Training Program is led by senior psychologists who adhere to a science-informed model that actively integrates a number of theoretical orientations and empirically supported treatments, including contemporary psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral models. The goal of our program is to provide trainees a diverse, well-supervised, and in-depth training experience that prepares them to develop advanced proficiency in the core profession-wide competencies of Health Service Psychologists and function as independent practitioners. Competency development within the predoctoral and postdoctoral programs is achieved through a number of program elements, including direct clinical experience, structured educational/didactic experiences, and supervision.

Our predoctoral Internship program has four tracks: 1) Adult, 2) Child, 3) Adult CBT, and 4) Child CBT.  Our postdoctoral Residency Program offers training within general Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychology tracks. Within these primary tracks, opportunities for clinical focus include: child and adolescent school-based assessment and treatment, child and adolescent inpatient clinical psychology, general adult inpatient clinical psychology, anxiety disorders/cognitive behavioral therapy, serious and persistent mental illness with an emphasis on the treatment of psychosis, LGBTQ+ gender affirmative care, health psychology, and clinical neuropsychology.