Didactic Curriculum

Psychosomatic Medicine Seminar

This seminar comprises four segments: Summer Emergency Series, Introduction to Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill, Overview of Psychosomatic Medicine, and Review of Core Literature and Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Topics covered include:

  • Psychiatric morbidity in, and patient response to, medical illness
  • Recognition, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, illness course, and prognosis of co-morbid psychiatric and medical disorders
  • Somatoform disorders and chronic pain
  • Use and complications of psychotropic medication in those with complex medical illnesses
  • Impact of new medical/surgical treatments on psychiatric well-being
  • Physician-patient relationship
  • Structure, function and dysfunction of multidisciplinary and integrated health care teams

Administrative Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Tutorial

A discussion among the department chair and fellows of regarding the structural, functional, financial, human resource and systems issues associated with the creation and operation of a Division of Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry.

Principles of Clinical Research

This course covers principles of biostatistics, research design, current models of psychiatric clinical research, and clinical reading of the literature. Fellows who demonstrate sufficient prior training may opt out of this seminar and instead take the Research Tutorial. Proficiency is demonstrated by: 1) literature review of a complex clinical question, oral evaluation of the literature, and resultant clinical management plan; and 2) oral exam.

Research Tutorial

Working with the department Director of Research, the fellow will identify a research topic, develop an appropriate design and proceed from hypothesis delineation to publication.

Psychosomatic Medicine/Neuropsychology Case Conference

Fellows coordinate this clinical case conference, which focuses on presentations of interesting or illustrative cases treated by C/L and Neuropsychology Division trainees. Review of live or videotaped patient interviews are followed by lively discussion and literature review.

Combined Psychiatry/Internal Medicine Case Conference

This case conference is designed to educate internal medicine (IM) trainees. C/L division and inpatient IM services discuss patients, with emphasis on patient alliance, findings of mental status exams, differential diagnosis and management. Each fellow conducts at least two sessions in junior faculty role, with senior faculty critiquing teaching methods.

Departmental Case Conference

Each year, the C/L Division presents a formal, multidisciplinary case, including videotaped interview, for discussion by local and regional experts. Cases are selected on the basis of complexity; potential for introducing new concepts/treatment strategies and exploring issues of risk assessment/management; and usefulness in creating a platform for intradepartmental discussion of patient care dilemmas or the work of the section.

Psychosomatic Medicine Journal Club

Fellows coordinate critical reviews of current literature in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Department Grand Rounds

Fellows participate in discussion and Q&A on research topics, clinical case presentations, in-depth presentations on psychopharmacology and psychotherapy topics and more, led by a multidisciplinary group of senior faculty.

Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience Rounds

Local and national experts present topics in psychopharmacology and neuroscience.