Didactic Curriculum & Teaching Experience

Through dedicated protected time, fellows participate in weekly one half a day didactic seminar in the field of C-L over the course of the year. The seminar series progresses from core topics in the initial part of the year, followed by specialized topics later in the year. Faculty are drawn from various specialties and are generally considered national experts in the fields of their topics.

As part of the fellows’ scholastic requirements, fellows participate in a case conference series, with the opportunity to present cases and moderate discussion. The series offers a particular forum for multidisciplinary collaboration, both learning from and teaching other colleagues.

Sample Didactic Topics

  • Introductory and orientation lectures:
    • Principles of C-L evaluation.
    • How to do a consult
    • Introduction to CT commitment statutes
  • Psychiatric disorders in the medically ill:
    • Board review series and chapter review
    • Delirium
    • Agitation and withdrawal
    • Catatonia
    • Somatic symptoms disorders
    • Conversion disorders
    • Capacity
    • Pain
    • Dementia
    • Non-epileptic seizures
    • Substance use disorder
  • Clinical settings:
    • Transplant psychiatry
    • Palliative Care
    • Bariatric
    • HIV
    • Seasonal Affective Disorders
    • CBT and motivational interviewing for Addiction
    • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Pharmacological considerations:
    • Psychopharmacology during pregnancy
    • Psychopharmacology following bariatric surgery
  • System based learning in C-L psychiatry:
    • Medicolegal issues
    • Medical Decision Making
    • Community resources
    • Referrals: matching to community addiction treatment resources
    • Procedure (CPT) billing and coding