Adult Inpatient Care

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The Adult Inpatient Service consists of three adult inpatient units: Donnelly 3 North (D3N), Donnelly 3 South (D3S), and Donnelly 2 South (D2S).

Each unit is slightly different in programming and patients are assessed for appropriate placement on the basis of their specific individual needs. Each unit provides comprehensive individual and group therapy on the basis of a short-term stabilization model. Family meetings are provided as necessary and discharge planning to a less intensive level of care is done in conjunction with the individual, their significant others, and current outpatient providers.


The Adult Inpatient Service provides an integrated approach to rapid stabilization in a safe and therapeutic environment. The aim is to tailor each person’s treatment plan to his or her individual needs as much as possible. This is based upon assessment of each patient's individual needs. Patients are encouraged to attend groups to find commonality in their issues, along with skills training, relapse prevention skills, and leisure skills training.

Program Components

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Prescribing and monitoring the effects of psychiatric medication
  • Group and Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Vocational Counseling for FMLA and back to work/school planning
  • Brief, individual case management/therapy meetings
  • Family/couples therapy, as needed
  • Collaboration of treatment with community providers and family members
  • Disposition/discharge planning with referrals to the next level of care

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​​Problems Addressed by the Adult Inpatient Service

  • Mood Disorders
  • Suicidality
  • Substance Dependence
  • Personality Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Acute Grief
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Acute Psychosis

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Treatment Philosophy

The multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing patient-centered care that ensures nonjudgmental, respectful, compassionate treatment to the population served. This treatment will address individual, patient-specific needs. The safety, confidentiality, and equal rights of all patients will be respected. The focus of treatment is rapid stabilization and a safe, effective transition to the next level of care.

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Information and Referrals

The Institute of Living Access Center
860.545.7200 or
Toll free at 1.800.673.2411

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