Departments & Services

Addiction Services

Our programs treat people who have an addiction to drugs and alcohol by offering three different tracks all offering MAT (medicated assisted treatment) to support patients recovery.

Adult Day Treatment Program

The Adult Day Treatment Program (ADTP) is a short-term, intensive, outpatient, group therapy program. The mission of the ADTP is to improve the mental health of people-in-recovery who are suffering from a recent, severe worsening of mental health or co-occurring symptoms.

Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

The Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (AOPC) at The Institute of Living is composed of the main and residency clinics. These clinics are an integral component of The Institute of Living's continuum of care. These programs are for patients requiring less structure than an inpatient unit or partial hospitalization program. It is based on the belief that persons experiencing psychiatric disorders should be treated in the least restrictive setting.

Center for Interventional Psychiatry

New options are now available for people with Major Depressive Disorder who have not found relief with traditional medication treatment including Esketamine Treatment.

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Program

The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) program at The Institute of Living is a treatment designed specifically for people with borderline personality disorder. DBT is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and it includes mindfulness, validation, and acceptance as strategies to help make change possible.

Inpatient Care

The Adult Inpatient Service consists of three adult inpatient units: Donnelly 3 North (D3N), Donnelly 3 South (D3S), and Donnelly 2 South (D2S). Each unit is slightly different in programming and patients are assessed for appropriate placement on the basis of their specific individual needs.

Memory Disorders Center

The Memory Disorders Center provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for persons with mild cognitive disorders and dementia. The Memory Disorders Center specializes in state of the art assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and assistance with care planning using an interdisciplinary team approach of specialists in neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, social work, neuroimaging, and geriatric psychiatry.

Peripartum Mood Disorders

Peripartum Mood Disorders describe symptoms that happen during or after pregnancy. They could affect a mother or father, and are changes in the way you feel, think or behave that you or others may notice.

Professionals' Program

The Professionals' Program at The Institute of Living is unique in that it allows professionals to be evaluated and/or treated with their peers for emotional, psychiatric, and addiction recovery issues.

Psychiatric Vocational Services

The Department of Psychiatric Vocational Services offers the following services to individuals receiving treatment at The Institute of Living.

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program

The Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program at The Institute of Living is a long-term, intensive outpatient psychosocial rehabilitation program for adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The program mission is to provide individualized rehabilitation to help adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder achieve functional goals such as work, school, independent living and improving social relationships.