Adult Day Treatment Program

The Adult Day Treatment program is a short term intensive outpatient group therapy program. 

The program consists of two levels of care, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient. The mission of Adult Day is to improve the mental health of people who are suffering from a severe worsening of mental health symptoms.

The goals of treatment include

  • Help people avoid developing symptoms which are so severe that an inpatient or residential level of care becomes necessary.
  • Help people who are transitioning from an inpatient or residential intensity of care back to community living.
  • Help people to move back in the direction of how they were doing prior to the most recent worsening of their symptoms.

Program schedule

The Adult Day program is a group therapy format which operates Monday – Friday.

The Partial Hospitalization program is a 5-day weekly schedule from 9am-1:30pm for approximately two weeks. It consists of four services each day.

The Intensive Outpatient program is a 3- or 4-day weekly schedule from 9am-12pm.  It consists of three services each day and is approximately six weeks in duration.

Program services

  • Group therapy services.
  • Medication management of psychiatric symptoms.
  • Brief individual /case management meetings as needed.
  • Family or couples education as needed.
  • Random drug screens and breathalyzers as needed.
  • Education around recovery from mental health issues.
  • Referrals to local community supports.

The Adult Day treatment program is part of a comprehensive system of care located at the Institute of Living in Hartford Connecticut.

Information and program access

Call the Institute of Living Access Center at 860.545.7200.