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The ABC's of Effective Communication

MHISC offers educational programs to independent school faculty, administration staff and parents on effective communication on mental health related issues. The program is based on four strategies to improve students’ connection with the caring adults in their school communities. This connection decreases alienation and improves students’ ability to problem solve and manage the multiple and complicated demands of adolescence.

A - Adult in Authority
B - Behavior: Observations not Interpretations
C - Connection for Problem Solving
S - Safety through Communications

The ABC’S model will be applied to the unique challenges and opportunities for parents to be meaningful communicators with their children at home and within the school community. It offers a framework to address specific topics identified by school’s parent associations. Specific topics may be identified by the Parent Association.

Examples of situations which reflect the current needs of the group will be integrated into the program. The following are examples of parent education programs provided by MHISC:

  • Homework: the parents’ role
  • Safe parties…is it possible?
  • Suicide prevention...what to look for?
  • Peer relationships: where do we fit in?
  • Raising resilient children/teenagers
  • Family conflict, separation, and divorce
  • The internet: practical tips for the home
  • Parent role modeling: the real deal
  • Getting the driver’s license
  • Adolescence: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • The home-school connection
  • Talking to your children about “sensitive” issues
  • How to help your child feel safe in an unsafe world


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