Consultation Services

MHISC offers independent schools the opportunity to participate in a needs assessment process based on the MHISC model for Comprehensive Mental Health Preparedness in school communities.

The following services are custom tailored, in collaboration with the school’s leadership, to fulfill the unique mission of the school:

  • Mental health policy review and development
  • Board training on role clarification pertaining to mental health related policies
  • Consultation to school leadership regarding mental health policies and practices
  • Professional development for faculty, staff, coaches and other targeted groups
  • Parent education
  • Adviser training, support, and program development
  • Review and development of prevention curriculum
  • Recruitment and supervision of school counselor
  • Policy and practice alignment regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Specialized Services to Head of School or Designee:

  • Consultation on strategic planning and market positioning
  • “Real Time” case review of situations involving students, faculty, and/or families
  • Crisis support including administrative, communication, and referral recommendations
  • ADA case review and recommendations
  • New position development and job coaching
  • On call availability to triage situations

Parent Education Programs:

  • Homework: the parents’ role
  • Safe parties…is it possible?
  • Suicide prevention...what to look for?
  • Peer relationships: where do we fit in?
  • Raising resilient children/teenagers
  • Family conflict, separation, and divorce
  • The internet: practical tips for the home
  • Parent role modeling: the real deal
  • Getting the driver’s license
  • Adolescence: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • The home-school connection
  • Talking to your children about “sensitive” issues
  • How to help your child feel safe in an unsafe world

Personal and Professional Boundary Management Workshop for Educators

In collaboration with Shipman and Goodwin.

Safe Schools

Student risk/psychiatric assessment, on a retainer basis.

Consultation Fees

Administrative and Program Consultation
Cost: $175 / hour

Professional Development
Cost: $175 / hour

Parent Programs
Cost: $175 / hour

Professional Program:
Cost: $1,400 / full day program
Reconsidering the Ethical, Practical, and Legal Aspects of Personal and Professional Boundaries in Schools
In partnership with Shipman and Goodwin.

Programs & Services

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