Research at the ADC

At the Anxiety Disorders Center, we are proud to be able to deliver the most effective treatments available.

We know they are effective because of research studies that have tested how well the treatments have helped people with anxiety problems.

Research is also important so that we can better understand how anxiety problems develop and are maintained. Research such as this, tells us about the nature of anxiety problems so that we can continue to improve our treatments in the future. In order to keep increasing what is known about the nature and treatment of anxiety, we need your help.

We welcome you to share your personal experience by participating in one of the many research projects at the Anxiety Disorders Center. By participating, you will be helping future clients receive the best possible treatment.

Brain Activity Study

The purpose of this study is to examine physiological responses, such as sweating, breathing, and brain activity, during decision-making.

Panic Disorder Study

The purpose of the study is to learn how estradiol, a sex hormone, may impact outcomes in exposure therapy.

Previous Research Studies & Results

Learn about the Institute of Living's previous studies and the results that were obtained as a result of the studies.

Join our Research Registry

If you are interested in participating in future research at Anxiety Disorders Center, join our research registry.