Hartford HealthCare is committed to improving performance and providing the best patient outcomes through continuing important education programs.

As one of the leading teaching programs, our goal is to provide the best service possible. Through continuing education and important programs, our medical staff have the care of our patients is at the front of our mind.

Continuing Medical Education

Hartford Hospital's Continuing Medical Education program maintains competence and improves performance and patient outcomes.

HealthStream E-Learning

A web-based, self-paced-software application covering most Joint Commission and OSHA mandatory courses.

EMS Education

Provides educational programs for all members of the healthcare team.

Residencies & Fellowships

Commitment to research and education is inseparable from the hospital's role in patient care.

ACGME Fellowship Training Program

Rushford's Addiction Medicine Fellowship offers physicians a one-year training opportunity in the evaluation and treatment of patients with substance use disorders.