About Young Adult Services

The Young Adult Services (YAS) mission is to provide therapeutic developmentally based services to young adults (17 to 26) who are struggling with significant mental health problems, and would benefit from treatment focused on empowering them to lead full and independent lives.

Young Adult Services Goals

The YAS goals are to help individuals…

  • Manage the transition back to their daily lives which have been interrupted by the symptoms of their illness
  • Become more stable in their recovery while transitioning out of an inpatient or residential level of treatment to an outpatient setting
  • Gain additional support for their families through therapy, and help everyone involved to learn ways to work together to support the patient’s recovery
  • Learn adaptation skills in order to better understand and manage their illness
  • Gain necessary skills to facilitate re-engagement in productive activities such as school, work, or other life goals
  • Reduce the need for inpatient hospitalization

Treatment Philosophy

The YAS aspires to tailor each person’s treatment plan to his or her individual needs as much as possible to support their recovery from an early episode of severe mental illness. Group and individual therapy is delivered in a style which is developmentally based and integrates techniques from cognitive behavior therapy, coping skills training, motivational enhancement, emotion focused expression and art therapy, psychodynamic therapy, family systems therapy, relapse prevention, and interpersonal therapy.

What the YAS Alumni Say About Treatment

  • “Being surrounded by people my age was beneficial to my recovery.”
  • “Yes, it helped me in how to get better in my illness, support and strength to continue my life.”
  • “All of the clinicians-they were all so willing to listen to my problems, or achievements, and support me through the entire therapy process.”
  • “The fact that I could talk to others with similar issues”

Young Adult Services

  • David Vaughan, LCSW

    Program Manager, Young Adult Services

    Phone: 860.545.7467
    Email: David.Vaughan@hhchealth.org

  • The IOL Assessment Center

    If you are interested in attending any of the programs provided through YAS or for referral information please call The Institute of Living’s Assessment Center, available 24-hours a day, seven days a week:

    Phone: 860.545.7200
    Toll Free: 800.673.2411

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    For Referrals, select Option #3