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The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides education, support, referral services, and treatment to persons or families dealing with a major mental illness.

The FRC is a service for families and friends dealing with severe and persistent mental health problems.

The FRC is the hub of the Institute of Living. It is the incubator for successful program development, professional and staff growth and an advocate with community resources/affiliates.

The FRC offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

Ongoing Support Groups, Lectures, Events and Outreach Services to families who are dealing with a mental illness.

The FRC offers an accessible and user friendly, comprehensive source of information on a variety of disorders, their treatment and what community agencies or resources are available to help families better cope with the impact of the illness on their lives. This information is housed at the Institute of Living and enables family members, consumers and professionals to drop in and utilize written, Internet and staff members’ expertise.

The FRC provides the training and development of staff who work with families at the Institute of Living to improve their care of patients. Possibly offering Internships.

The FRC provides education, consultation and/or treatment to families. When a person suffers from mental illness it affects the entire family. The center will give the basic skills necessary for the development of healthy families. The Family Resource Center is dedicated to encouraging, strengthening and empowering family units. Another component to the center is that it believes in a consumer to consumer approach; offering peer support groups to help encourage mental health consumers achieve full and healthy lives.

The FRC sponsors annual events to help fight stigma including:

  • Brain Dance Award
  • Diversity Day
  • NAMI Walk

We are a local sponsor for outside agencies

  • FRC hosts with a peer model
  • Schizophrenia Anonymous (Fuller Building)
  • Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (Commons Building)
  • Peer Support Group (Carolina Cottage)

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Patient Education​​

The Institute of Living's Family Resource Center offers educational resources to our patients including suggested online resources, suggested readings, and a lending library.

Lending Library
The lending library is free to anyone who wishes to borrow from our library. Our policy is that you return the book within 2 weeks. However, if you need to take it out for a longer time, we ask that you call us and let us know. Please contact the Family Resource Center if you would like us to reserve a book for you.

View the latest list of books available through the Lending Library

Suggested Readings
The Family Resource Center staff have compiled a list of books that they recommend that deals with all aspects of mental health covering topics such as ADHD, Dementia, Anxiety Disorders, Compulsive Hoarding, Depression, Grief, Substance Abuse, and much more.

View the list of Suggested Readings

Online Resources
The following list of online resources are recommended by the Family Resource Center:

Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorder




Health and Wellness

LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning)

Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Older Adults

Peer Support



Substance Use



Helpful Fact Sheets


Mental Health Benefits

Older Adults

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Family Resource Center

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