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Discrimination is increasingly prevalent in today’s society, and its effects on communities across the state and nation are staggering.

  • 50-70% of Black, Hispanic, and Asian people in the U.S. stated they have been victims of racial discrimination.1
  • In 2022, 62.2% of hate crime incidents in Connecticut were motivated by racial, ethnic, and/or ancestral bias.2
  • Adults who experience discrimination are more likely than those who do not to report feeling anxious, lonely, or depressed.3

What is Racial Trauma?

When the effects of discrimination accumulate over time, they can lead to a heightened arousal or nervous system response. Racial trauma is when chronic and complex stress impact an individual’s well-being and functioning.

The Center for Research on Racial Trauma and Community Healing is committed to acknowledging the historic and contemporary effects of racism among our communities and institutions. We seek to create an environment that aspires to further inform treatment and provide the highest level of care for our patients, as well as the larger community.



Our center's governance will consist of Executive Sponsorship, Center Staff, Hartford Healthcare Advisory, and Community Advisory. Our community advisory will include community leaders who will advise on developments within the center. 

Our center is aligned with the work of Hartford healthCare's centers, institutes, departments and divisions including the HHC Center for Equity and HHC Academic Affairs.


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Center for Research on Racial Trauma and Community Healing