The Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital is part of the Hartford Healthcare's Behavioral Health Network (BHN) and is led by an Executive Management Team consisting of the Chair/Chief of Psychiatry, Vice-President of Clinical Operations, Medical Director, and Nurse Director. The Executive Management Team reports to BHN and Hartford Hospital Leadership.

IOL Leadership
Above (from left to right) Javeed Sukhera, Nancy Hubbard, Michael Dewberry, Sonia Perez

John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA

Physician-in-Chief, Behavioral Health Network
Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare

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Jim O'Dea

James F. O’Dea, Ph.D., MBA

Senior Vice President
Behavioral Health Network

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Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Javeed Sukhera, HBSc, MD, PhD, DABPN, FRCPC

Chair of Psychiatry, Institute of Living
Chief of Psychiatry, Hartford Hospital

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Nancy Hubbard

Nancy E. Hubbard, LCSW

Vice President, Clinical Operations

Phone: 860.545.7098
Email: Nancy.Hubbard@hhchealth.org

Michael Drewberry

Michael Dewberry, MD

Medical Director, Institute of Living

Phone: 860.545.7260
Email: Michael.Dewberry@hhchealth.org

Sonia Perez

Sonia Perez, RN, MSN

Director of Nursing, Institute of Living

Phone: 860.545.7841
Email: Sonia.Perez@hhchealth.org

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