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You or someone you know may qualify for no-cost health coverage

June 29, 2022

Hartford HealthCare wants to make sure you know about Covered Connecticut, a program created by the State of Connecticut that provides no-cost healthcare coverage to eligible residents. This information may be valuable to you or someone you know, so please pass it along.

What is Covered in Connecticut?

It’s a program offered through Access Health CT, Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace, established to meet the requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act.

How does it work?

Under Covered Connecticut, the State of Connecticut will pay the customer’s portion of the monthly payment (premium) directly to their insurance company (Anthem or ConnectiCare), and will also pay for the cost-sharing amounts (deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and maximum out-of-pocket costs) that customers would normally have to pay with a health insurance plan.

Beginning July 1, 2022:

Covered Connecticut will also include coverage for visiting the dentist and non-emergency medical transportation to see providers. The health insurance plan will be a Silver Plan offered by either Anthem or ConnectiCare through Access Health CT. The dental benefits and non-emergency transportation will be administered by the Department of Social Services.

Who is eligible, and how do you sign up?

To learn more about Covered Connecticut, including eligibility requirements, click HERE.

Free help is available (How to Enroll in the Covered Connecticut Program)

Complete an application at AccessHealthCT.com to see if you qualify for the Covered Connecticut Program and to enroll. You can also call the call center for free enrollment and eligibility help at 1-855-805-4325. If you are deaf or hearing impaired, you may use the TTY at 1-855-789-2428 or contact Access Health CT with a relay operator.