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Dining Services

Emphasis is on use of The Institute of Living’s cafeteria as a vocational training environment. Presently, individuals receive education and training in the food service industry in an effort to develop appropriate work-related behaviors and skills necessary to obtain and maintain community employment, enhance wellness, and promote recovery. Word-of-mouth referrals regarding the quality products and services are attracting customers outside the IOL.

The cafeteria is open Monday – Friday, 11-2pm. regularly serving hot entrees. In addition to an al a carte grill and fried menu, soup, custom made sandwiches, a full salad bar, deserts and beverages.

Catering Services

IOL Dining and Catering Services also provides professional catering for events at the IOL. Business continues to G.R.O.W., along with client and student participation.

The Department of Psychiatric Vocational Services accepts interested volunteers and internal applicants for work skills training for these sites.

If you are interested in making a donation or would like more information, please contact:

Laura M. Mathews
Manager, IOL Dining and Catering Services
Phone: 860.545.7019

Psychiatric Vocational Services