School Avoidance Research

Our vision of creating state of the art programming for school avoidance includes research.

Research allows us to evaluate how we are doing and to learn better ways to help students. To date we have published two studies examining the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for school refusal. In addition, we are currently examining a new measure to assess factors associated with school avoidance. By engaging in research related to school avoidance, we hope to continually improve the programs available to our students, families, and schools.

Past and current research

  • Intensive (Daily) Behavior Therapy for School Refusal: A Multiple Baseline Case Series

  • An Open Trial of Intensive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for School Refusal

  • Screener for Academic Distress: Elizabeth Davis, Ph.D. (primary investigator) and Scott Hannan, Ph.D. (co-investigator) are currently developing a measure aimed to identify those students at risk for school avoidance.