Autism Consultation Service

The Autism Consultation Service offers a multidisciplinary assessment and consultation service for school-aged children (up to age 15) who are within the Autism Spectrum.

The team of specialists develops a functional plan and recommendations for the child's optimal functioning at home, at school, and in the community.


Consultations will be individually tailored to meet the unique attributes and need of the child and may include the following components:

  • Review of prior records and assessments
  • Rating scales completed by parents and teachers
  • Planning session with parents
  • Diagnostic interviews with interdisciplinary team members
  • Standardized testing: educational, psychological, and the ADOS*
  • Feedback session: presentation of functional assessment and recommendations to parents

*Referrals may be made for speech and language evaluations or neuropsychological testing for an additional fee.

The consultation report is a functional assessment which will reflect the integration of the finding from the above evaluations into a practical plan with recommendations for enhanced diagnostic understanding and functioning. Cooperation with the child's school district is required. Referring community based physicians, clinicians, and treatment programs may be included in the consultation and benefit from the recommendations and on-going consultative support if requested.

Consultation Fee

Pre-payment in full is required. This functional assessment is not covered by medical insurance. MasterCard, Visa, or certified checks are accepted.

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