Step Up Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Program

Our outpatient clinic offers weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as a daily treatment (Accelerated CBT Program). For those clients who prefer more than once weekly, but not daily treatment, our Step Up CBT Program may be a good fit.

Our Step Up CBT program consists of two individual CBT sessions with an individual therapist, and a once weekly group CBT session. The benefits of the Step Up CBT Program include reducing the length of treatment and providing faster relief for those experiencing a high level of symptoms. Some clients who do not see enough improvement with once weekly treatment may benefit from the Step Up CBT Program.

The once weekly group component can provide support and encouragement from peers who are also experiencing similar concerns and working towards their treatment goals. Both the individual and group CBT sessions are focused on practicing CBT skills, such as exposure practice.

The individual and group sessions can be billed to your insurance.

At this time, the Step Up CBT program is offered at our Hartford location for adults age 18 and older.

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