Becoming a Client

Effective treatments for these disorders are available for adults, adolescents, and children at the Anxiety Disorders Center at The Institute of Living.

Currently, the Anxiety Disorders Center offers outpatient treatment only. Participants from out of town may stay in a local hotel or motel during the course of treatment. Inpatient treatment is available through The Institute of Living, however, this treatment is separate from that offered by the Anxiety Disorders Center.

The first step in making an appointment is a brief (30 minutes or less) telephone consultation with a staff member. (Use our online New Patient Form to request an appointment.) There is no charge for this consultation. The staff member will ask questions related to anxiety and other mental health issues and will help you determine which program would be most helpful for you. If it is determined that the Anxiety Disorders Center is not the best place for you to receive treatment, you will be provided with outside referrals.

If you and the staff member decide that you should pursue treatment at the Anxiety Disorders Center, you will be sent a packet of questionnaires that ask several preliminary questions about anxiety and other mental health issues. You will be asked to bring the completed materials with you to your appointment.

Next, you will receive an initial assessment interview in which you will meet with one or two staff members for 2-3 hours. During this meeting, the staff member will ask several questions about your symptoms and your level of functioning. The purpose of this meeting is to correctly diagnose the problem and to generate an initial treatment plan. At this meeting it will be determined whether your problem is appropriate for treatment at the Anxiety Disorders Center. If treatment at the Anxiety Disorders Center is not appropriate at the time of the interview, an appropriate referral will be made. The assessment interview is reimbursable by most insurance plans.

After the assessment is completed, you may be referred to an Anxiety Disorders Center staff person for individual or group treatment (depending on the nature of the problem). Treatment with a licensed psychologist (except the Accelerated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program) is reimbursable by most insurance plans. Treatment with a postdoctoral fellow is offered at reduced out-of-pocket cost. Treatment with a graduate student or resident is offered at no cost.

Anxiety Disorders Center