Peripartum Mood Disorders Program

Peripartum Mood Disorders describe symptoms that happen during or after pregnancy that can affect the way you feel, think or behave for as long as a year after your baby's birth. 

About 1 million people a year struggle with a perinatal or mood disorder. Mothers and fathers can be affected. For example, postpartum depression is the most common complication of childbirth, putting thousands of families at risk each year.

What are Peripartum Mood Disorders? What are the symptoms?

If being a mom (or dad) doesn’t feel like it should, please contact the Peripartum Mood Disorders Program at 860.545.7104.

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Heather's Story 

Why should I call the Peripartum Mood Disorders Program?

The Peripartum Mood Disorders Program is here for you and your family. Whether you are a mother or father in need of support, or a family member feeling that something is just not right, please contact your physician or call 860.545.7104 for help.

Perinatal mood disorders are common and can range from baby blues to more severe symptoms. Just as many women need to seek extra help for breastfeeding or other health issues, your emotional health and well-being are just as important.

Every woman is at risk regardless of age, race, education or financial status.

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Peripartum Mood Disorders Program

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