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  • First Video Game, by Prescription Only, Approved to Treat ADHD in Youths

    June 18, 2020

    It might seem like a treat for the children, but 30 minutes of prescribed video-game playing could lend a sense of calmness that their parents can enjoy as well. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this month took the revolutionary step of approving the video game EndeavorRX by Akili Interactive…

  • Virtual Health Visits Nearing 200,000 Since COVID-19. Here’s How it Works.

    June 18, 2020

    Telemedicine was not a new concept when the COVID-19 pandemic locked society down in March, it was simply underutilized. “I’ve been using virtual visits for several years now with my pacemaker patients,” said Dr. Steven Zweibel, system director of cardiac electrophysiology for the Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Heart & Vascular Institute….

  • What Kids Can Teach Adults . . . Through Video Games

    June 16, 2020

    Is it a good idea for parents to try to get in on the game – or is that sacred ground? Dr. Paul Weigle  likes the idea. “As parents. the best approach that we can take toward helping our kids develop healthy media experience habits is to be more than…

  • IOL Research: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effective Against Hoarding Disorder

    June 10, 2020

    People with hoarding disorder don’t necessarily have to suffer alone, as research published by an Institute of Living (IOL) psychologist shows significant effect with group cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. David Tolin, director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at the IOL, part of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network (BHN),…

  • Psychologist: By Age 4, Children Aware of Racial Stereotypes

    June 09, 2020

    As the world marches and protests for equal rights, the eyes of our children are watching, much like they observe and take cues from general adult behavior. Very young children recognize racism and discrimination in their world early, and feel the effects both physically and emotionally, according to Dr. Aieyat…

  • Baking and Biking? Yes, the Go-To Comfort Activities During COVID-19

    June 05, 2020

    What do baking and biking have in common? They’ve both become outrageously popular activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the moment they heard the words “hunker down,” it seems people have been channeling anxiety and nervous energy into both. Toilet paper flew off the shelves, but so did yeast and…

  • Here’s a Young Brain. Here’s What Happens With Too Much Screen Time.

    June 04, 2020

    Digital overload was almost unavoidable with all the downtime during COVID-19 self-isolation. It’s not a good thing for younger people. “Studies indicate that youth who spend the most time with screen media are most prone to depression, behavior problems, low self-esteem and poor physical fitness,” says Dr. Paul Weigle, associate medical…

  • New: COVID-Related Behavioral Health Hotline

    May 19, 2020

    In any catastrophe, the medical needs must be tended first, followed by a wave of behavioral health issues that can last for months and years. The COVID-19 infection rate peaked in Connecticut at the end of April and now the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network (BHN) is preparing for increased demand…

  • A Parade of Love and Support for IOL’s Youngest Patients

    May 19, 2020

    A team of 20 staff members at the Institute of Living met in the parking lot May 15 and festooned their vehicles with balloons, streamers and messages of support for patients in their Child & Adolescent Day Program and Extended Day Program. A parade was in the works. “Depression and…

  • A COVID-Related Suicide Spike: Where to Find Support

    May 18, 2020

    Ongoing stresses related to the COVID-19 pandemic – financial constraints, unemployment and isolation – have caused a national spike in suicide. Patricia Rehmer, MSN, ACHE, president of the Behavioral Health Network and senior vice president of Hartford HealthCare (HHC), said national sources estimate up to 75,000 people will die by…

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