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New Center for Gender Health Offers Services Vital to Transgender Patients

July 13, 2022

In an effort to improve access to care for transgender adults, Hartford HealthCare has opened a Center for Gender Health.

The center, geared toward creating a supportive environment for transgender adults, is located at 132 Jefferson Street, Hartford. It is staffed by experts in endocrinology, urology, gynecology, plastic surgery, primary care and behavioral health.

Gender Health Center

The center offers chest and facial reconstruction, hormone therapy, voice therapy/surgery, individual and group psychological counseling, care management, gynecology, primary care and other services that are important for gender transition.

“The Center for Gender Health recognizes that each patient’s journey is unique and is determined to provide the best emotional support and medical care one needs as they seek gender affirmation,” said Laura Saunders, PsyD, ABPP, director of the Hartford HealthCare Gender Health Center and the Institute of Living’s Right Track LGBTQ+ youth service. Derek Fenwick, PsyD, is assistant director.

Appointments can be scheduled as early as September.

The announcement of the center’s opening comes a month after members of the center’s medical team and members of the transgender community conducted an inaugural conference, “Building Gender Literacy: Gender Affirmative Care Across the Lifespan,” to teach other Hartford-area doctors’ practices to help transgender patients.

“The LGBTQ+ population has unique healthcare needs and while services like our program can help, it’s critical for all healthcare providers to have at least a basic understanding of those needs and how to meet them,” said Dr. Saunders.