OBGYN Mood Disorders Consultation

About This Document

A. This document is a draft of guidelines for the pharmacotherapy of depression in women.

B. This is a basic algorithm, but there are many appropriate variations (e.g., “augmentation” could be used at any time).

C. Information is provided in four sections: Background information (text), treatment algorithm (flow chart), references tables, and an appendix.

D. Some tables list medications not in the algorithm because patients may come to you already on medications not in the basic algorithm.

E. This document can be viewed or printed and used as a hard copy, though it may be more useful as a PDF document saved directly to your PC. As a PDF document one can toggle between information points in the document quickly and easily.

F. Any blue text in the document is an embedded link to a table, appendix, or footnote. You can toggle back and forth between information points and tables by clicking the linked text.

G. This document is PASSWORD PROTECTED and is available to authorized users only.

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