Marinka Koenis

Title: Postdoctoral Associate
Lab: Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

Marinka has a BSc in Biomedical sciences, a MSc in Neuroscience (both from VU University Amsterdam) and her PhD focused on the structural development of the teenage brain (University Medical Center Utrecht, supervised by Drs. Hilleke Hulshof-Pol and Rachel Brouwer). She then flew across the Atlantic to join Dr. David Glahn's lab at Yale University. There, she looked through different MRI modalities, including resting state, to search for associations with cannabis use disorder. Spoiler alert: she hardly found any. Currently Dr. Koenis is involved in a collaboration between OLIN and the Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Center of Hartford Hospital with Drs. Pavlos Papasavas and Darren Tishler, where she studies the power of functional MRI in predicting successful weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center