Grand Rounds

All presentations are held in the Hartford Room from 12pm-1:15pm unless otherwise noted. The schedule below will include abstracts, learning objectives, and recommended readings for each presentation when available.

This professional education activity supports the Institute's goal of clinical excellence and presents clinically relevant information from a variety of mental health disciplines. Areas of focus include new research and treatments, evidence-based practices, applied psychopharmacology and research on brain structure, and function, and current issues and controversies. In addition, several dates during the year are devoted to The Institute of Living Annual Treatment Update Series.

Grand Rounds is open to the community except on the Thursdays designated as "Case Conferences". These conferences are held approximately 6 times per year, usually on a first Thursday, and are limited to clinicians employed by The Institute of Living and Hartford Hospital and active and consulting Department of Psychiatry medical staff.

2016-17 Grand Round Schedule

Oct. 6

Grand Rounds resumes

Title: TBA
Speaker: Chockalingam, Ravikumar M.D.; IOL Dept. of Psych/Admin; Natchaug / Backus
Oct. 13
Title: TBA
Speaker: Madeline Cunningham - George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Presbyterian Health Foundation Presidential Professor Microbiology and Immunology Director, Immunology Training Program University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Biomedical Research
Oct. 20 Title: Some Secrets of Mental Health Care
Speaker: Dr. Lloyd I Sederer, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, NYS Office of Mental Health
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Oct. 27 Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Gerber, Medical Director/CEO at the Austen Riggs Center 
Nov. 3 Title: Mental Health System Change and Survival: A Case Study
Speaker: Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D., Burlingame Award Recipient
1. Understand and appreciate how a hospital can reinvent and transform itself into a health system in response to the opportunities and constraints in the environment of health reform
2. Appreciate the major challenges facing psychiatry in the 21st century and by
adopting public health goals, be able to overcome those challenges
Nov. 10 Title: TBA
Speaker: HILARY S. CONNERY, MD, PhD. Clinical Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Nov. 17
Title: TBA
Speaker: Ira D. Glick, M.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine
Dec. 8 Title: Proper Opioid prescribing
Speaker: Dr. Ricardo Taboada

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