Grand Rounds

All presentations are held in the Hartford Room from 12pm-1:15pm unless otherwise noted. The schedule below will include abstracts, learning objectives, and recommended readings for each presentation when available.

This professional education activity supports the Institute's goal of clinical excellence and presents clinically relevant information from a variety of mental health disciplines. Areas of focus include new research and treatments, evidence-based practices, applied psychopharmacology and research on brain structure, and function, and current issues and controversies. In addition, several dates during the year are devoted to The Institute of Living Annual Treatment Update Series.

Grand Rounds is open to the community except on the Thursdays designated as "Case Conferences". These conferences are held approximately 6 times per year, usually on a first Thursday, and are limited to clinicians employed by The Institute of Living and Hartford Hospital and active and consulting Department of Psychiatry medical staff.

2015-16 Grand Round Schedule

May 19

Title: The Role of Omega-3 Fats in Neurodevelopment: Implications for ADHD and
Comorbid Behavioral Disorders
Speaker: Rachel V. Gow, PhD.; PhD, MSc, BSc; Section of Nutritional Neuroscience, National Institutes of Health
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May 26


Jun. 2

Title: The Fancy Cannot Cheat SO Well Communication between Medical Professionals and Patients and Their Families about End-of- Life Care in the Context of Dementia
Speaker: David Schmidt D.O. PGY-IV
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Jun. 9

Title: I don’t care that I could die:" Physician Narcissism and the Development of the Professional-Self in terms of Physician-Patient Dayad
Speaker: Justin Uzl M.D. PGY-IV
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